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  1. May 2018
    Among other findings, the study concludes that no significant decline in lottery revenue is attributable to Plainridge Park Casino.
  2. Jun 2017
    Produced for the New England Foundation for the Arts By the Economic and Public Policy Research Group of the UMass Donahue Institute
  3. Mar 2017
    The Institute provided economic analysis for the Mass Technology Learning Collaborative report
  4. Jan 2015
    This report was prepared for the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce (CCC), to communicate to residents, businesses, institutions and community leaders, the impact of business on the community and image of Cambridge as a desirable place for business location and investment.
  5. Dec 2014
    The Economic and Public Policy Research group published an analysis of Massachusetts export growth, looking at recent trends in the state’s exports to understand why they are not keeping up with the nation’s.
  6. Jul 2014
    MassDevelopment commissioned the UMass Donahue Institute to update a report examining the employment and economic impacts of the commercial businesses located in Devens, Massachusetts.
  7. Jul 2014
    This study details the economic impacts of Devens, Massachusetts a former U.S. Army base that has been redeveloped by Mass Development, the state's finance and development agency, as a site for commercial, industrial and non-profit development.
  8. Jun 2014
    For the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission and the Knowledge Corridor Sustainability Plan, the UMass Donahue Institute led the development of a "cradle to career" talent and workforce strategic plan for the bi-state (CT and MA) Knowledge Corridor stretching from Hartford to Springfield to Greenfield, MA.
  9. Dec 2013
    The Massachusetts Executive Office for Administration and Finance (ANF), MassDevelopment, and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center at the request of the Sequestration Task Force contracted the UMass Donahue Institute (UMDI) to complete a first-in-the-nation study of the near-term economic effects that sequestration cuts occurring in the federal fiscal years 2013 and 2014 have had on the Massachusetts economy.
  10. Oct 2013
    The Pittsfield Economic Revitalization Corporation (PERC) commissioned the UMass Donahue Institute to study the advanced manufacturing industry in the Berkshires, examining the history, workforce and existing businesses in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts to determine prospects for growth.
  11. Sep 2013
    For the Metro South Chamber of Commerce, the UMass Donahue Institute evaluated current conditions and redevelopment opportunities at a long vacant large 31 acre site near downtown Brockton.
  12. Jun 2013
    MassDevelopment commissioned the UMass Donahue Institute to update a report examining the employment and economic impacts of the commercial (non-military) businesses located in Devens, Massachusetts.
  13. May 2013
    This business growth study looked at small-and medium-sized businesses (5 to 500 employees) in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties during the period known as the Great Recession, examining factors such as employment levels, sales and economic conditions to gauge the strength of the region and its economic performance and prospects.
  14. Aug 2012
    This economic contribution analysis found that Massachusetts’ six military bases support more than 46,000 jobs and contribute more than $14.2 billion to the Commonwealth’s economy annually.
  15. Jun 2012
    This preliminary report presents the findings of a study examining the economic impact that the defense industry has on the six states of the New England.
  16. Sep 2011
    New England’s cable companies contribute significantly to the regional economy and to local communities.
  17. Sep 2011
    The New England Cable and Telecommunications Association, an umbrella organization comprised of major cable operators serving the New England region, contracted UMDI’s Economic and Public Policy Research (EPPR) group to analyze the economic contributions cable companies make to the region as a whole, as well as their economic impact on each of New England’s six states.
  18. Dec 2010
    This report provides a look at the scale and specific nature of the defense industry in Massachusetts.
  19. Nov 2009
    The IT industry is widely recognized as a driving force of Massachusetts' innovation economy.
  20. Nov 2008
    The survey, designed collaboratively, provides a broad look at the needs and current conservation strategies for Boston’s small businesses related to energy, clean technology, waste management and the purchasing of green products.
  21. Sep 2008
    Growing Talent reports the research, findings and recommendations of the Life Sciences Talent Initiative, a comprehensive one-year study of talent needs in the Massachusetts life sciences industry and the capacity of the state’s higher education institutions and workforce training organizations to respond.
  22. Apr 2008
    The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University commissioned a study to analyze the characteristics and economic impact of the veterinary medical industry in the six-state New England region.
  23. Nov 2007
    The defense sector, defined in this study as commercial activity generated by U.S. defense and homeland security contracts, military personnel payroll, and retiree benefits paid to state residents, is a key driver of the Massachusetts economy.
  24. Apr 2007
    The UMass Donahue Institute recently released the study, “Help Wanted 2: Recruiting and Retaining the Next Generation of Human Services Workers in Massachusetts,” commissioned by the Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc.
  25. Apr 2007
    The Economic and Public Policy Research Unit recently prepared a major industry study for the Massachusetts High Technology Council.
  26. Feb 2007
    This report presents the results of the third annual housing poll conducted by the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute in collaboration with the Citizens Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA).
  27. Jun 2006
    Reports II and III are technical reports which further supplement the economic analysis provided in Report I.
  28. Jun 2006
    Reports II and III are technical reports which further supplement the economic analysis provided in Report I.
  29. Jun 2006
    This study, initiated and funded by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management, analyzes the economic value of the coastal and marine economies in Massachusetts.
  30. Apr 2006
    The UMass Donahue Institute has released the study, “Help Wanted: The Future of the Human Services Workforce in Massachusetts” commissioned by The Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc.
  31. Mar 2006
    In November 2005, the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute conducted its second annual housing poll in collaboration with the Citizens' Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA).
  32. Jul 2005
    A thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis of the economic impact of payroll and expenditures at the Otis ANG Base was conducted.
  33. May 2005
    The $4.8 billion marine science industry of New England is a formidable economic engine that has the potential to prosper through investments in homeland security, oceanographic and atmospheric warning systems, allied navies, and environmental monitoring, but the industry is in danger of running aground in the global competition for investment unless it can find more highly skilled workers and research support, according to a study released today by the UMass Donahue Institute.
  34. Dec 2004
    A poll conducted for the Citizen's Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA) on the state of affordable housing in Massachusetts where residents statewide were polled, along with residents of the MetroWest region of Massachusetts.
  35. Oct 2004
    This study, exploring commuting patterns between regions in Massachusetts, finds that commute times in Massachusetts, which were roughly in line with the national average two decades ago, have since increased considerably and at a much faster pace than the nation as a whole. Time lost to commuting increased by nearly 20 percent between 1990 and 2000.
  36. Oct 2004
    A study by Massachusetts Telecommunications Council, with data analysis provided by the UMass Donahue Institute.
  37. Sep 2004
    Hanscom Air Force Base and Natick Soldier Systems Center are major contributors to the economy of the Commonwealth and its regions.
  38. May 2004
    The medical-device community is an integral component of the Massachusetts economy, providing high-paying jobs and designing and manufacturing some of the world's most innovative medical products.
  39. Oct 2003
    A comprehensive study of the fiscal impact of new housing development in Massachusetts prepared for the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association.
  40. Oct 2003
    This report discusses recent trends and developments in the financial services industry in the United States and Massachusetts, offering scenarios for the industry's future evolution.
  41. Feb 2003
    The industry consists of 264 manufacturing establishments, with nearly 21,000 employees, a payroll of almost $1 billion, and shipments valued at $4 billion, making Massachusetts second only to Minnesota in the production of medical devices.
  42. Nov 2002
    This study examines the employment, sales, investment trends, and various segments of the telecommunications industry in Massachusetts and concludes that the industry will continue to be a critical part of the Massachusetts economy.
  43. Mar 2002
    This report presents an analysis of a cluster of new media businesses – or technology enterprise - in Berkshire County.
  44. Jan 2002
    This report presents the findings of a survey of individuals and organizations aligned with bTech.
  45. May 2001
    The medical device industry in Massachusetts is both an ongoing vital contributor and a stabilizing factor to the state's economy during the recent recession, providing high paying manufacturing jobs, contributing to total state exports, attracting significant amounts of venture capital investment and utilizing local suppliers, according to this new, detailed study.
  46. May 2001
    The medical device industry in Massachusetts is both an ongoing vital contributor and a stabilizing factor to the state's economy during the recent recession.
  47. Apr 2001
    The origins, development and trends of jet engine manufacturing in Massachusetts is analyzed and compared to national and international competition.
  48. Nov 2000
    This case study details a 150-acre family farm that has been in operation for three generations, utilizing interviews with the farmer in July 2000 and a review of his business plan and financial statements.
  49. Nov 2000
    This paper examines the extent to which the primary food production sectors of New England's agricultural economy have been able to satisfy the demands of an increasing consumer population, concluding that the outlook for future growth is promising.
  50. Nov 2000
    This paper examines the food and lumber processing industries in Massachusetts over the last four decades as well as a general assessment of the total food marketing system in Massachusetts in 1997, the most recent year for which data was available.
  51. Nov 2000
    This study offers separate discussions of the farming and forestry sectors of the Massachusetts agricultural economy.
  52. Nov 2000
    Since colonial times, Massachusetts has held fast to its cherished legacy as an agricultural state.
  53. Oct 2000
    A report detailing the decline of the environmental industry in the 1990s.
  54. Sep 2000
    This report summarizes employment and earnings, and identifies important trends within various sectors of the Massachusetts Marine Economy, which includes commercial seafood industries, marine transportation, tourism and recreation, marine technology and education and coastal construction and real estate.
  55. Mar 2000
    This study defines specific policy steps that might be taken to support the plastics industry, which is one of the key economic sectors in north central Massachusetts.
  56. Mar 2000
    A report to the City of Leominster to define steps to support the plastics industry in North Central Massachusetts, and to enable policymakers to "move the question" on whether and how the development of a regional plastics technology center is feasible.
  57. Mar 2000
    The textile and apparel industries have been de-coupling from each other at many levels for the last two decades: customer/supplier relationships, technological levels, rates of investment, and competitive position in the global and North American markets.
  58. Jun 1999
    This report provides a detailed analysis of the pharmaceutical industry in Massachusetts.
  59. Apr 1999
    In this 1999 study for the Massachusetts Telecommunications Council, the relative size, composition and growth trends of the information technology sector are discussed.

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