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Abdul Qadeer (He/Him/His)

Daharki, Pakistan


Institute of Business Administration Karachi

Abdul Qadeer is a dedicated and passionate student pursuing a bachelor's degree in economics at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi, Pakistan. With a strong academic background and a keen interest in economics, he actively engages in research papers to enhance his knowledge and analytical skills. Through his involvement in research, he has developed a thorough understanding of various aspects of economics, refined his research approach, and honed his critical thinking abilities. Abdul Qadeer aspires to make a meaningful contribution to economic analysis and policymaking. He is committed to utilizing his expertise and abilities to offer thoughtful analysis and viable solutions to complex economic problems, thereby benefiting society. By participating in the SUSI program, he aims to improve students' understanding and practical application of economics in real-world situations. He seeks to engage with subject-matter experts, explore diverse perspectives, and broaden his knowledge in the field. Additionally, he intends to build a network of industry professionals, learn new research techniques, and further develop his analytical skills. Outside of his academic pursuits, Abdul Qadeer indulges in various hobbies and passions that complement his interest in economics. These include data analysis, statistical modeling, financial markets, and engaging in extracurricular activities that foster creativity, personal growth, and development.


Abdur Rahman (He/Him/His)

Peshawar, Pakistan

Business Administration/Finance

FATA University Dara Adam Khel F.R. Kohat

Abdur Rahman is a dedicated student pursuing a bachelor of business administration at FATA University FR Kohat in Pakistan. With a strong interest in entrepreneurship, he envisions a future where business ventures not only serve personal interests but also contribute to the betterment of society and the welfare of its people. Abdur Rahman is eager to explore new horizons and sees the program as a valuable opportunity for cultural exchange, expanding his understanding of American culture, and acquiring new knowledge and skills while refining his existing ones. He is excited to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds in both the United States and Pakistan, establishing a strong network that can foster meaningful collaborations. Upon completion of the program, Abdur Rahman aspires to become an active member of the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN), utilizing his expertise to propose initiatives that uplift communities and contribute to social change. In his leisure time, Abdur Rahman finds joy in immersing himself in the culinary world, experimenting with different dishes, and expanding his repertoire of recipes. He is motivated to learn various cooking techniques, explore diverse recipes, and gain hands-on experience to enhance his culinary skills.


Hamad Faiq (He/Him/His)

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Commerce and Accounting

Riphah International University Rawalpindi

Hamad Faiq is a young and enthusiastic student leader currently pursuing a master's degree in commerce at Riphah International University in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. His passion for the field of accounting and audit led him to previously complete an associate degree in commerce. Hamad actively engages in volunteer work and extracurricular activities. He has participated in tree plantation drives and served as both a host and a delegate in Model United Nations conferences. Currently, he is a member of the Hope Fund Donations campaign, which aims to support students who cannot afford their university fees. Despite the loss of both his parents before turning 18, Hamad has been fortunate to receive full or partial scholarships from high school to university. He holds a deep appreciation for his country and aspires to join the civil service of Pakistan. His goal is to serve at the grassroots level, making a meaningful impact and fulfilling the desires of his deceased parents, who wished to see him become a civil servant and a beacon of hope for the people of Pakistan. Hamad has a keen interest in public policy and keeps himself well-informed about current affairs.


Hilal Ahmad (He/Him/His)

Mingora, Swat, Pakistan

BS English (Literature & Linguistics)

University of Swat

Hilal Ahmad, a dedicated undergraduate student from Mingora, Swat, Pakistan, possesses a deep passion for English literature and language. He is currently enrolled in the esteemed Department of English & Foreign Languages at the University of Swat, where he actively immerses himself in the exploration of literary works and the intricacies of language. Hilal's profound love for literature has nurtured his ambition to foster cross-cultural understanding and bridge the gaps that exist between diverse communities through the power of words. With a solid academic background and a strong inclination towards cross-cultural interaction, Hilal aspires to contribute meaningfully to the SUSI public policy-making program. Moreover, he is eager to establish connections with fellow student leaders from around the world, further enriching his understanding of global perspectives.


Kashaf Khushk (She/Her/Hers)

Hyderabad, Pakistan

Civil Engineering

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro

Kashaf Khushk is a passionate third-year student pursuing civil engineering at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro in Pakistan. Despite the challenges faced in STEM fields, her unwavering passion and dedication towards her profession drive her forward. Kashaf firmly believes that her chosen career has a profound impact on the world, and she is determined to make a difference. Inspired by the devastating flood destruction in her country, Kashaf envisions a future that prioritizes sustainability and implements smart infrastructure to benefit her fellow citizens. As an individual, citizen, and engineer, she recognizes the significance of the SUSI for Student Leaders program in her journey. She aims to become more aware of her roles and responsibilities and to serve her community in various capacities. As a constantly evolving individual, Kashaf seeks to explore ideas and perspectives different from her own in a world that is diverse in nationalities and stories. She envisions a future where she can mentor and guide students, helping them overcome boundaries, judgments, and stereotypes. Kashaf desires to embody self-belief and inspire her people to dream again. Motivated by the power of words, Kashaf actively pursues her hobby as a motivational speaker and debater. Through this gift, she aspires to touch and transform the lives of many individuals.


Mah Noor (She/Her/Hers)

Islamabad, Pakistan


PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Pakistan

Mah Noor is a dedicated final year student pursuing a bachelor of science degree in microbiology at PMAS Arid Agriculture University in Pakistan. She aspires to become a public health policymaker and a social rights activist in her professional career. With an eagerness to learn and contribute to the community; as a participant of the SUSI Program, she aims to gain valuable insight into comparative public policy analysis, policy formulation, and the public healthcare system of the United States. Additionally, during her time in the US, she seeks to explore the dynamics of NGOs in the US as a developed country. Mah Noor's ultimate goal is to establish an NGO focused on the social protection of vulnerable populations and identify barriers that hinder the effective delivery of healthcare facilities in Pakistan. With her strong educational background and involvement in various activities, she envisions making a significant impact on society and ensuring equal access to quality healthcare for all. In her leisure time, Mah Noor engages in volunteering activities for NGOs, which aligns with her passion for social causes. She also dedicates time to enhance her writing and public speaking skills. Moreover, she enjoys learning new languages and experimenting with new recipes, embracing her culinary creativity.


Mariam Fatima (She/Her/Hers)

Food Science and Human Nutrition

Kinnaird College for Women University

Mariam Fatima is a dedicated student and a creative individual with a passion for food science and human nutrition. She is currently enrolled at Kinnaird College for Women University in Pakistan, an institution that has been devoted to educating women for over a century. Mariam, along with her teammates, is actively working on bringing a new food product to the market. Their aim is to leverage Pakistan's abundant resources to contribute to the country's economy. Additionally, she proudly serves as a representative for her university's Science Club. Being a member of other societies, she thoroughly enjoys collaborating with diverse teams and engaging with new people. Her chosen field of Nutrition allows Mariam to develop a deeper understanding of the diverse aspects of the world. She recognizes the value of the SUSI program as a stepping stone to further enhance her personal growth by immersing herself in different cultures and broadening her horizons.


Mairum Zahid (She/Her/Hers)

Medicine/MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

Karachi Medical and Dental College

Marium Zahid is currently a third-year medical student at Karachi Medical and Dental College in Sindh, Pakistan. She actively volunteers for a non-profit NGO called HOPES, dedicating her time for the past three years to provide quality healthcare services, including free-of-cost medication and diagnostic facilities, to underprivileged patients at her teaching hospital. In addition to her volunteer work, Marium has also served as the community manager of a diabetes care program at a private pharmaceutical firm in Karachi. In this role, she has been committed to assisting the diabetic community in disease prevention and promoting healthy lifestyle management. Marium's professional aspirations revolve around becoming an exceptional doctor, emphasizing both medical skills and ethical values. Through her participation in the program, she hopes to delve deep into the American policymaking system, drawing comparisons with Pakistan, and exploring the cultural dynamics of one of the world's largest democratic countries in order to understand the essence of the American dream. Outside of her medical pursuits, Marium finds joy in reading and cooking, using these activities as outlets to relax and explore her creative side.


Muhammad Abu Bakar

Multan, Pakistan

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan

Muhammad Abu Bakar is a dedicated third-year student pursuing a doctor of veterinary medicine degree at Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan in Pakistan. He is also concurrently studying Chinese language and culture through short courses at Shenyang Normal University. Abu Bakar's passion lies in the field of One Health and AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance), and he actively serves as an ambassador for these causes in Pakistan. Throughout his academic journey, Abu Bakar has engaged in internships focused on research projects related to Bats Conservation, AMR Propagation, and Climate Change. These experiences have honed his skills in team leadership, event management, fundraising, and volunteering. He has actively participated in various veterinary student associations and clubs at national and international levels, further enhancing his knowledge and expertise. By participating in the SUSI program, Abu Bakar aims to acquire insights and knowledge in integrating research and policy within the realm of One Health. His ultimate goal is to contribute to positive changes in Pakistan by addressing pressing issues at the intersection of health, environment, and policy. Global health policy, foreign diplomacy, and biosecurity are among his specific areas of interest in policy making. Abu Bakar's passion for exploring diverse cultures and working in varied environments fuels his drive for personal and professional growth. Apart from his academic pursuits, he finds joy in playing badminton and embarking on adventures to discover new areas, embracing a zest for life.


Muhammad Faizan (He/Him/His)

Mianwali, Pakistan

BS Mathematics

Namal University Mianwali

Muhammad Faizan is a young and enthusiastic leader with a strong passion for educational reforms and community development. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in mathematics at Namal University Mianwali, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to uplifting the rural community and providing affordable higher education opportunities to talented students. Faizan has developed exceptional problem-solving abilities through his study of mathematics. Instead of viewing mathematics as a daunting subject, he has found joy in it and believes that mathematics is the essence of all sciences. He is determined to change the perception of mathematics among students and make it an enjoyable and accessible field of study. In addition to his academic pursuits, Faizan is eager to explore extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities that complement his passion for mathematics. He envisions taking on roles within mathematical societies, where he can inspire and mentor fellow students, organize events, and promote a strong sense of community service. With unwavering determination and a thirst for mathematical knowledge, Faizan is ready to embark on a transformative journey. He sees the SUSI program as an opportunity to gain professional experience, expand his horizons, and further develop his policy-making and leadership abilities.


Muhammad Mutayyab Abid (He/Him/His)

Lahore, Pakistan

BS Commerce (Finance/Marketing)

Government College University, Lahore

Muhammad Mutayyab Abid is a dedicated student currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in commerce at Government College University in Lahore. As a junior student, he is actively involved in various initiatives and has demonstrated leadership skills in the field of food sustainability and kitchen gardening through his project called Seedfier. Seedfier, which originated as a small project at Amal Academy, focuses on promoting sustainable practices and aims to contribute to the food security of Pakistan. Mutayyab's efforts in this project have been recognized, and he was awarded for the best mega project. In addition to his academic pursuits, Mutayyab has gained valuable experience as a remote customer support specialist for Everwash, a US-based car wash subscription company. This experience has allowed him to develop strong customer service and communication skills. Looking ahead, Mutayyab aspires to pursue an MBA in marketing or human resource management upon completing his bachelor's degree. He has career ambitions of becoming a bureaucrat or holding a managerial position within a multinational company. He sees the SUSI program as a valuable opportunity to acquire skills in policy formulation that will significantly contribute to his career goals. He is also excited about the prospect of engaging with a diverse range of individuals and promoting Pakistani culture to others. In his leisure time, Mutayyab enjoys watching anime, playing cricket and chess, and exploring new culinary experiences and places.


Shahzeb (He/Him/His)

Mirpurkhas, Pakistan


International Islamic University Islamabad

Shahzeb is a dedicated and passionate 20-year-old law student at the International Islamic University in Islamabad. Originally from a village in the Sindh province of Pakistan, Shahzeb recognizes the significance of sustenance in daily life and strives to make a difference through his education. Alongside his academic pursuits, Shahzeb actively engages in co-curricular activities, aiming for a well-rounded education. Currently, he holds a leadership position in Pakistan's Law Students' Council, one of the largest networks of young lawyers and law students in the country. In this role, Shahzeb fosters collaboration, learning, and advocacy within the legal community. With a strong passion for justice and human rights, Shahzeb aspires to become a successful human rights lawyer. He is determined to utilize his legal expertise to protect the rights of marginalized individuals and communities, working towards a more equitable society. Eager to expand his knowledge and gain insights into effective public policies, Shahzeb is excited about exploring American culture through the SUSI program. He recognizes the importance of global perspectives and aims to deepen his understanding of their impact on society. Shahzeb intends to apply the knowledge and experiences gained from the program to contribute to the development of efficient governance and promote human rights in Pakistan.


Nimra Imran Cheema (She/Her/Hers)

Sialkot, Pakistan

International Relations

Kinnaird College For Women University

Nimra Cheema is currently enrolled as a student at Kinnaird College for Women University in Lahore, where she is pursuing a bachelor's degree in international relations. In addition to her major, Nimra has taken a wide range of general courses encompassing psychology, business, economics, cultural geography, political science, and gender politics. This diverse educational background has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of disciplines relevant to international relations. Nimra's impressive track record showcases her exceptional leadership and organizational skills. She has actively contributed as a valued member of the student council and holds the esteemed position of president in the International Relations Club. These experiences have further honed her ability to work effectively within teams and manage complex tasks. Driven by a deep sense of purpose, Nimra aspires to work as a human rights advocate on a global scale. Her focus lies in conflict-ridden areas, where she aims to shed light on power dynamics and their impact on marginalized communities. Nimra's participation in an exchange program such as SUSI would be invaluable in broadening her perspectives by engaging with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. This exposure would deepen her understanding of different policy behaviors and viewpoints. Furthermore, Nimra is eager to gain more insight into the decision-making processes and enhance her analytical skills. She recognizes the importance of these abilities in advocating for human rights and effecting meaningful change. Overall, Nimra Cheema is a dedicated and ambitious student with a passion for international relations and a strong commitment to human rights. Her participation in the SUSI exchange program would undoubtedly contribute to her personal and professional growth, equipping her with the necessary tools to make a significant impact in her future endeavors.


Syed Hussain Shah (He/Him/His)

Peshawar, Pakistan

Data Science

Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar

Syed Hussain Shah is a self-taught computer vision developer and AI enthusiast with a strong desire to leverage AI for the betterment of society. Currently in his 6th semester, he is pursuing a degree in data science at the Institute of Management Sciences in Peshawar. Hussain Shah has undertaken several projects for software houses, focusing on AI applications such as drone automation and face recognition. Additionally, he has designed IoT products aimed at assisting visually impaired individuals. His motivation to help others, particularly people with disabilities, stems from witnessing the determination and resilience they possess. Hussain Shah's goal is to utilize AI to empower and enhance the lives of individuals facing daily challenges, while also promoting the integration of AI in society. Participating in the SUSI program presents an opportunity for Hussain Shah to exchange knowledge, explore new avenues, and tackle contemporary societal issues using technology. He aims to gain insights into the perspectives and mindsets of individuals from developed countries, absorbing positive viewpoints that he can implement in his own life and work. In his leisure time, Hussain Shah enjoys riding his bike, playing games, and reading articles on technological advancements. He also values meeting new people as a means of understanding different cultures and broadening his horizons.


Syeda Aimon Fatima (She/Her/Hers)

Karachi, Pakistan


Sindh Medical College/Jinnah Sindh Medical University

Syeda Aimon Fatima is a medical student and passionate educator from Karachi, Pakistan. With a remarkable 20 years of educational background and nearly a decade of teaching experience, Aimon has consistently sought ways to bring positive changes to her education system and society as a whole. Aimon's journey began in her school laboratory, where she demonstrated her ingenuity by developing a fertilizer using waste hair. Inspired by this initial success, she now envisions scaling up this initiative by actively participating in the Youth Parliament in her home country. Looking ahead, Aimon aspires to become an educationist, entrepreneur, and successful doctor, with the ultimate goal of establishing an organization to address the gaps in Pakistan's existing education system. Her research and teaching interests revolve around cultural awareness and intercultural education, emphasizing the importance of understanding and respecting diverse cultures. By participating in the SUSI program, Aimon aims to gain firsthand insights into American culture and leverage this knowledge to enrich the Pakistani educational context through her teaching and organization. Furthermore, the program offers her the opportunity to build a supportive network of like-minded individuals who can contribute to her journey and help her achieve her goals. Outside of her professional pursuits, Aimon finds solace in reading, walking, and learning to swim, highlighting her commitment to personal growth and well-being.


Unsia Shakeel (She/Her/Hers)

Karachi, Pakistan

Biomedical Engineering

Ziauddin University

Unsia Shakeel is an undergraduate student of biomedical engineering at Ziauddin University in Karachi, Pakistan. She possesses a strong passion for working on projects that improve social and human life, and she aspires to utilize her skills and knowledge to bring about positive change in various domains. Unsia's interest lies in the intersection of engineering and healthcare, which led her to choose biomedical engineering as her field of study. Throughout her academic journey, she has been involved in researching and developing novel medical device designs, as well as exploring therapeutic and diagnostic techniques that directly impact and improve lives. Her work has been recognized through publications and presentations, showcasing her commitment to pushing the boundaries of engineering and tailoring solutions for underserved communities. She actively follows and contributes to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), further deepening her involvement in the field. In addition to her academic pursuits, Unsia collaborates with like-minded individuals and organizations to build a network of change-makers. She actively participates in community initiatives such as health camps and educational programs, aiming to empower marginalized communities. By collaborating with renowned NGOs in Pakistan, she has initiated youth counseling and unconventional STEM-based learning programs to provide opportunities for youngsters from marginalized backgrounds and promote national sustainability. Unsia is dedicated to making a lasting impact in her field and community. She believes that the SUSI leadership program will serve as a foundation for her goals of transforming lives. This program will provide her with the necessary leadership skills, in combination with her technical expertise, to become a future leader driving positive change.


Yasrab Jehnagir (She/Her/Hers)

Mansehra, Pakistan

B.E. Chemical Engineering

Pak Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology

Yasrab Jehangir is a dedicated and high-achieving student pursuing a degree in chemical engineering at Pak Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology. She has consistently demonstrated excellent academic performance throughout her studies. Yasrab's passion lies in creating a sustainable environment, and her efforts were recognized when she received the prestigious "Prime Minister National Innovation Award" for her work in making biodiesel. With exceptional organizational and leadership skills, Yasrab has actively taken on various roles. She served as an organizer for the "1st Pakistan Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes (PCOM-2021)" and the "1st Conference on Sustainable Process System Engineering (SPSE-2021)." These experiences have not only showcased her abilities but also provided her with practical insights into the field of chemical engineering. Yasrab has further honed her skills through valuable internships at Silver Lake Food Limited (KIMS) and the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Lab. These experiences have allowed her to apply her technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities to real-world scenarios. Driven by her desire to contribute to the field of chemical engineering, Yasrab aspires to take on leadership roles where she can guide and contribute to the development of innovative solutions. She aims to utilize her technical expertise and problem-solving abilities to address pressing challenges in the field. Yasrab's selection for the prestigious SUSI Exchange Program is a testament to her dedication to international collaboration and cultural understanding. Through this program, she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of global issues and develop the skills necessary to become a compassionate and effective leader in promoting positive social change. Yasrab is committed to lifelong learning and actively seeks opportunities to broaden her knowledge and skills. Her dedication, academic achievements, and passion for sustainability make her a promising leader in the field of chemical engineering.


Zain Ullah Fayyaz (He/Him/His)

Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur

Zain Ullah Fayyaz is a remarkable individual driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a relentless pursuit of excellence. He is currently in his third year of medical school at Quaid-e-Azam Medical College in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Zain possesses exceptional intelligence, making him stand out in any setting. However, his abilities extend beyond medicine, as he also has a profound interest in climate change, politics, international affairs, and diplomacy. As a natural leader and a valuable team player, Zain demonstrates his exceptional qualities both within and beyond the field of medicine. He is deeply passionate about addressing pressing challenges in his community and actively engages as a social activist. Zain envisions a future where he can merge his medical expertise with his passion for social justice and global affairs to bring about positive change. Participating in the SUSI program is a transformative opportunity for Zain. He believes that this experience will expand his horizons and empower him to make a lasting impact throughout his life. By engaging with a diverse group of leaders, he hopes to gain insights and knowledge that will further his goals of contributing to society. Zain's creative spirit is evident in his hobbies of photography and videography. He has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and content writing, showcasing his ability to think outside the box. Zain also shares his perspectives and life's subtle moments through his captivating Instagram blog, "medwithzed." With his intelligence, leadership abilities, and passion for creating a positive impact, Zain Ullah Fayyaz is poised to become a future leader in his field and beyond.


Zaina Liaqat (She/Her/Hers)

Islamabad, Pakistan

MBBS (Medical Student)

Foundation University, Islamabad

Zaina Liaqat is a medical student at Foundation University in Islamabad, Pakistan. She is not just a doctor in the making but also a talented writer, an avid reader, and a skilled debater who thrives on facing a public audience. Zaina's love for human interactions and her humanitarian nature drive her passion to give back to the people around her. Throughout her academic journey, Zaina has actively engaged in various volunteer projects and community fieldwork. She has run a charity organization, participated in the WHO polio surveillance campaign, organized blood donation camps, and held the presidency of the literary society. Additionally, Zaina has participated in research projects and undertaken several welfare initiatives. With her inquisitive mind, strong oracy skills, and dynamic personality, Zaina sees the SUSI program as a life-changing experience. She believes it will allow her to explore her true potential both personally and professionally. The opportunity to sit in a multicultural classroom with prodigious teachers and engage in innovative idea exchanges excites her immensely. Zaina recognizes that she has a long way to go, but her life will always revolve around creating a difference in the world. She is driven by the desire to contribute to society and make a positive impact through her medical knowledge and skills.


Zainab Fayyaz Cheema (She/Her/Hers)

Lahore, Pakistan

Electrical Engineering

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

Zainab Fayyaz Cheema is a dedicated electrical engineering student at the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, Pakistan. During her internship at Transfopower Industries Private Limited, Zainab gained valuable industrial and technical exposure, specifically in the field of transformer manufacturing and operational mechanisms. This experience provided her with insights into the intricacies of the industry. Additionally, Zainab has interned at Care Foundation, a non-profit organization. Utilizing the platform of the organization, she successfully launched funding campaigns that generated significant contributions. These efforts facilitated the provision of quality education to underprivileged children, showcasing Zainab's commitment to social impact and education. After completing her studies, Zainab envisions working in the power sector of Pakistan. Her goal is to contribute towards overcoming the country's energy crisis and making a positive difference in the field. She sees the SUSI Comparative Public Policymaking Program as an opportunity to freely express her ideas and receive guidance and collaboration from mentors and colleagues. Through the program, she aims to gain a deep understanding of American culture and its diversity, which will broaden her perspectives and inform her future endeavors. In her leisure time, Zainab enjoys reading fiction novels and learning about politics, showcasing her passion for knowledge and staying informed.

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