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Spotlight: Technology Helping To Engage Remote Workers

Provided by our Organizational Development & Learning Solutions group

Companies use employee engagement applications to improve talent retention and job satisfaction. The objective is to leverage the power of technology to boost productivity and efficiency in a quantifiable way. Most organizations are already using platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack to increase virtual communications and improve team productivity. However, there are a growing number of specialty tools/platforms that focus directly on improving employee engagement. Below, we list a few that stood out in our research. You can also spend a few minutes Googling “Increasing Employee Engagement” and you will discover many more options!

Skoach is an employee engagement tool that creates an action plan and deploys it through Slack and Microsoft Teams. It is based on a concept called neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to physically change in response to new thoughts, feelings, or actions. Skoach created a methodology to effectively get people to learn and change behavior. Skoach sends spaced challenges to be applied on the job and monitored through a gamified experience. These challenges can be individual, or team-based and are focused on specific skill/behavior gaps identified through engagement assessments.

Kazoo is a remarkable employee engagement platform with real-time feedback, rewards, recognition, a social hub, seamless integrations, and much more. While there’s a heavy emphasis on peer-to-peer interactions, there are also ways within the platform for the employer and management to encourage employees and treat them with perks. This Kazoo virtual HR department is sure to improve employee performance and workplace culture.

Motivosity connects teams and engages employees wherever they might be in the world with a wide range of capabilities and features. It’s great for engaging remote workers, and online reviews of Motivosity highlight improvements in team connectivity and communication. 

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